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24 Hours in Portland, Maine

Chloe McAllaster As the leaves turn to brown, crimson, and orange, misty mornings and crisp days call for bundling up in chunky sweaters and sipping steamy mugs of hot cider. With the advent of autumn comes a craving for warm comfort food that nourishes the body and soul. If you plan on heading out of the city to experience the best of New England’s foliage … Continue reading 24 Hours in Portland, Maine

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Camping the Right Way

Emmalie Vanderpool Fall in New Hampshire is a magical thing. It transforms the landscape to its greatest form as the leaves transition from green to gold, burgundy, and sunset orange. This year, my roommates and I planned a fall break trip to Lake Winnipesaukee, to stay at our friend’s cozy lakeside vacation home located in central New Hampshire. As we left Boston and its sea … Continue reading Camping the Right Way

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Elevating the Ramen Experience

Emmalie Vanderpool As assignment due dates grow closer and Uber prices continue to rise, I find myself less and less inclined to trek to the grocery store and continue to buy fresh foods. With the arrival of the autumnal season, cozy, warm meals become so enticing–as long as I don’t have to spend the time and money to consume them. Repeatedly, and embarrassingly, I find … Continue reading Elevating the Ramen Experience

Dolphin Bay Restaurant Review

Emmalie Vanderpool The Greater Boston Area is a hub of unique and traditional restaurants from a variety of cultures. Dolphin Bay, an unassuming Taiwanese restaurant in Allston, harbors an array of deliciously authentic specialties. The decor is ocean-themed, with a large wooden boat protruding from the rear of the restaurant and serving as a countertop for the host and workers. Painted with tropical murals of … Continue reading Dolphin Bay Restaurant Review

Harvest Sweet Potato Recipe

Emmalie Vanderpool My favorite meals in fall and winter are colorful, warm dishes that brighten my mood and heat me up from the inside-out. Hearty, meatless meals can sometimes be difficult to think up, but my Harvest Sweet Potato recipe is vegan, simple, and delicious during the colder months. Fill up your baked sweet potato with the vegan filling for a side dish, or scoop … Continue reading Harvest Sweet Potato Recipe

Anti-Social Dining

William Batchelor I never used to like eating alone in public. It made me self-conscious and uncomfortable. I was embarrassed that I didn’t have anyone to eat with. In many ways, dining out felt as though it was more about social interaction than the food itself. I think my fear came from those cliché high school movies where the new student sits alone at lunch … Continue reading Anti-Social Dining

The Best Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Emmalie Vanderpool It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with breakfast foods and grow tired of simple eggs, oatmeal, or yogurt. This breakfast sandwich recipe is balanced enough to satisfy a craving for sweet or savory, and can be tweaked to fit individual flavor preferences. Switch out different meats, veggies, hot sauces, and jellies to guarantee a different and delicious sandwich every time. (Makes … Continue reading The Best Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Find Yourself in SoWa Market for its Final Month of the Year

Chloe McAllaster People flock to food. Whether it’s Thai street cuisine or free Costco samples, food exists at the nexus of human interaction, culture, and pure survival instinct. This explains why people of all ages, nationalities, and creeds seek out organized eating experiences, from food festivals to Thanksgiving reunions. For sixteen seasons, the SoWa Open Market has been fostering community largely through food. Its name … Continue reading Find Yourself in SoWa Market for its Final Month of the Year

Get ‘Em Some Dim Sum

Emmalie Vanderpool Boston’s Chinatown has always held a level of mystique for me. Growing up around Boston, I passed its landmark white-and-green arches many times, and wondered about the cultural icon that seemed so unique among the other tall, industrial buildings. Peering through my car window over the years, I noted the brightly colored signs, flapping flags, and swaying paper lanterns that gave the area … Continue reading Get ‘Em Some Dim Sum