You seem like the type of person to like breakfast

Few words have hit me the same way as these

Brunch shift, a coworker put me at ease:

“You seem like you’d enjoy breakfast,” he said

Was it just me… were my eyes growing wet?

The meal of all meals, the best of the three

And here he thought this one represents me?

Hand on my heart, I move to speak,

“It’s breakfast cuisine that makes me go weak…”

Oh breakfast, sweet breakfast, start to each day

My heart is yours; here it is, if I may

Options abound, there’s an entree for all

Elderly folks and infants who crawl

Oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, and cream

Scones scathing hot that come bursting with steam

Pancakes, waffles, toast of French roots

Drizzles of syrup give all these a boost

On-the-go breakfasts are small and contained

Still, muffins and pastries? None have complained! 

Donuts deserve a saga of their own… 

And bagels––sweet breads trigger satisfied moans 

Eggs are magnificent, pleasing to crowds

Circles of sunshine on tiny white clouds

All by themselves they deserve celebration

Though multiple forms lead to menu frustration

Scrambled or boiled? Fried, poached, or steamed?

Indecisive eaters might as well scream

If solo they ride, eggs act well alone

Yet Benedicts also place eggs in their zone

Eggs garnish a toast (or serve as a dip)

With a carton on hand, you’re well-equipped

Fancy, late brunches are now all the rage

I swear society’s just in a stage

Breakfast and lunch, a nice pair, for a bit

But former will triumph; lunch will submit

The truth is that breakfast’s a cut above

Its long list of foods fits guests like a glove

While eating early, you dream up big plans

The whole day laid out before you, it spans

Then an idea strikes, eyes all a glimmer

“Of this I’m sure—I’ll make breakfast for dinner!”

Cover Photo courtesy of CotterCrunch

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