(n.) enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest

Here at Gusto, we believe in 3 things:
1. Anyone can cook.
2. Food and the experiences that surround it should be thoroughly enjoyed.
3. Whatever one does should be done with vigor and passion.

Who We Are

After a summer food-writing course in Paris, Nicolas Borbolla, Kayla Causey, and Madison Polkowitz were inspired to create Boston College’s first food magazine in the fall of 2018. Here began the creation of Gusto, a food-themed literary journal created by students for students.

We put out two print journals a year (one per semester) in addition to our online content. We strive to inspire and engage our audience as we explore the unique value of food in each of our lives. Through the lens of food, we focus in on the people behind all of our culinary experiences.