About Us

Who we are

Here at Gusto we believe in 3 things:
1. Anyone can cook
2. Food and the experiences that surround it should be thoroughly enjoyed.
3. Whatever one does should be done with vigor and passion.

Gusto was created in 2018 as a food-themed literary journal created by students for students. We put out two print journals a year (one per semester) in addition to our online content. We strive to inspire and engage our audience as we explore the unique value of food in each of our lives. Through the lens of food, we focus in on the people behind all of our culinary experiences.

Meet our 2021 Spring Session Team

Editor in Cheif

MCAS ’23
Fanwood, New Jersey

Margaret Kuffner Managing Editor

MCAS ’25
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eileen Shelton

MCAS ’23
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Maia Rosenbaum
co-Creative manager

MCAS ’23
Cary, North Carolina

adeline Kim
Marketing manager

MCAS ’25
Shelton, Connecticut

Lilly Mathieu
Mucho gusto editor

MCAS ’23
Barnstable, Massachusetts

Gianina Didonato
Head of Copy Editing

MCAS ’23
Brookline, Massachusetts

Isabel Wibowo
Features editor

MCAS ’23

Lucy haswell
Business editor

CSOM ’25
Greenwich, Connecticut

Lauren blaser
essays editor

MCAS ’22
Flemington, New Jersey

Ngan tran
member at large

MCAS ’22
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Member at large (mucho gusto)

MCAS ’22
Miami, Florida

Meegan Minahan member at large (Creative)

MCAS ’22
Atlanta, Georgia

Jackie Geller
member at large (marketing)

MCAS ’22
Manalapan, New Jersey

claire spielmann
member at large (marketing)

MCAS ’22
Needham, Massachusetts

Logan Soss member at large (essays)

MCAS ’22
Saratoga Springs, New York

prashanti kodali Member at large (mucho gusto)

MCAS ’22
Long Island, New York

Gabi Prostko
Member at large (copy)

MCAS ’22
Queens, New York

Jamie Kim
member at large (Creative)

MCAS ’22
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scott Greenhalgh member at large (features)

MCAS ’22
Novi, Michigan

Gillian Mahoney
associate Essays editor

MCAS ’23
Arlington, Massachusetts

saamia Bukhari
Associate features editor

CSOM ’22
Bedford, Massachusetts

Emanuel Louime Mucho Gusto associate editor

CSOM ’24
Shelton, Connecticut

Sophie Borrmann
Associate creative director

MCAS ’24
Hudson, Ohio

Katie Kitrick
copy editor

MCAS ’24
Brick, New Jersey

Audrey Morken
copy editor

MCAS ’24
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Wenqing Xue
contributing writer

Qingdao, China

Regina Herrero Ampudia contributing writer

MCAS ’24
Mexico City, Mexico


MCAS ’25
Wayland, Massachusetts

Antonio Mata contributing writer

MCAS ’23
Weston, Florida

julia Schultz contributing writer

MCAS ’24
Rye, New York

Lulu Arundale marketing Team

MCAS ’24 San Clemente, California

Eric yu creative Team

CSOM ’25 West Windsor, Massachusetts

Julie Vu Creative Team

MCAS ’23 Brockton, Massachusetts

Maddie Sims Contrubuting writer

MCAS ’24 Arlington, Virginia

Emily Finn Creative Team

MCAS ’23 Kingston, Massachusetts